Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Names of the XXX Olympiad

Hello again folks, and welcome to your annual-ish festival of nosebleeding nomenclature. You might have noticed the Olympics were on recently. We did anyway, so kept our accipitrine eyes open for any amusingly and/or appropriately named Olympians. Here are the few who caught our attention...

Bouncing Chinaman Dong Dong makes that very sound; badminton player Chris Adcock, diver Peter Waterfield and hurdler Vania Stambolova do what they say on the tin; while Stephan Feck had cause to take his own name in vain.

Away from the Olympics now, and here are a few that readers have spotted since our last post on the blogle:

dedicated follower Clare West pointed out Pat, a women having Avery bad day at the aviary;

newer recruit John Tweedie raised the case of mountaineer Peter Cliff;

public speaker Neil Turner noticed a Bishop who can, quite literally, claim "Dogma's my middle name";

and Hertfordshire historian-hotelier Mark Freeman found Teresa Heritage in charge of that very portfolio in his own amusingly appropriate borough; not to mention — or, rather, to mention — a man from his own field: economist historian NJG Pounds. Does the NGJ perhaps stand for Now Letsjust Goandstudy? Perhaps you can do better with a suggestion of your own; perhaps not.

Finally, a few more your humble correspondents stumbled on of our own accord:

Ken Livingstone was asked to Philippa Need and duly obliged;

Neel Kashkari has been known to kari a lot of kash;

Lucas Papademos briefly served as father of the nation (highbrow one, that);

Tam Fry chipped in to the ongoing obesity debate;

Justine Greening is trying, and no doubt failing, to do something of the sort in her new job;

Likewise commuters' advocate Gene Russianoff;

Barclays bankster Rich Ricci is indeed;

While defender Mark De Man gets paid to do just that;

As does recruitment consultant Yvonne Filler. We can't find a link for her so you'll just have to bloody well take our word for it.

That's yer lot then.  Till next time, fAANs!