Thursday, 8 October 2009

Amusingly appropriate address

Your ever watchful correspondents keep an eye on all arenas - not just names - for appropriate amusement on your behalf.  So we were tickled pink to receive a communication the other day (from none other than a Mr Matt Mongoven, Head of Credit Cards at RBS: stupid name, probably a stupid guy) from the following address -

Enhanced Security Support
5th Floor
1 Hardman Boulevard
Manchester M3 3AQ.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Putting the pun into crime and punishment

Hi folks.  Here at the AANs blog we always appreciate a bit of fan mail, so thanks to two of you this week for getting in touch with your own amusingly appropriate suggestions.  Lady Cat Stewart writes to tell us that the head of Haringey libraries is one Karen Bookless (perhaps she could change her name to Karen Careless and take over as head of children's services), while a Mr Teal of Memphis, Tennessee, writes to tell us of a fellow student named Mia Bimbo.  He let us know that his first thought on meeting the young lady was "my, a bimbo!"  Thanks for those, and do keep them coming.

Meanwhile here's a few we've spotted ourselves lately from the world of law, order and disorder...

Karen Wildish lived up to her moniker - but perhaps she had it coming attacking a man named Sheriff,

Donald Payne enjoyed inflicting same,

Sifiso Justice Ngema (crazy name, crazy guy),

Colin Pitchfork didn't actually kill people with a pitchfork but might as well have done,

Nick Freeman keeps his men free,

Sue Yoo might well do just that,

Judge Laws and Judge Judge do what they say on the tin,

While Ian Lawless was, it turns out, anything but!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Amusingly appropriate appropriators

Politics has been in the news recently, so here at the AANs blog we thought we'd treat you to a few of our faves from the world of same...

Labour MP Bob Blizzard takes a keen interest in cocaine legislation (perhaps keen to avoid repeats of Isabella Blow's overdose),

Tory MP Peter Bone likes to ask oral questions about sex laws,

His colleague James Brokenshire is the party's shadow minister for home affairs,

Richard Makepeace attempts to do just that as Britain's consul-general in Jerusalem,

PR man Ian Spinney spins for a living,

Afghan busybody Frozan Fana has been accused of "inappropriateness for a woman",

Lord Eatwell is disappointingly slim,

While Tory MP Richard Bacon takes an amusingly appropriate interest in pork labelling (perhaps troubled by the case of poisoned pig peddler Robert Hogg), prompting then PM Gordon Brown to quip, "If I may say so, that was an appropriate question from the aptly named Member!"  Indeed it was.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Welcome, welcome

Howdy folks.  Have you ever come across someone's name, thought it was amusingly appropriate, and found yourself thinking, "I wish someone would start a blog collecting these"?  Well, now we have.  With a bit of luck this site will soon become the web's foremost collection of such names.

Feel free to send us any AANs you happen to spot and we'll post them: drop us a line at

Let's begin with some old favourites from the world of food, drink, animals and animal parts...

Penis investigator Steven Ramm,

Farming hack Ewan Pate,

Wannabe celeb chef Tom Kitchin,

Greenfingered media whore Bob Flowerdew,

and of course Tokyo sex whale Tokyo Sexwale.

More to follow!