Wednesday, 2 January 2013

There ain't no sAANity clause

There's just time for an extremely tenuous Christmas special (no there isn't. Ed) so here goes.

Homeless people are often hungry at this time of year, but should they take leftovers from Chris Mould? Perhaps.

It's not every day our home town plays host to a name suggesting appropriate amusement, so we give thanks for fire-doubter Ian Doubtfire.

William Martin LaFever gives himself same.

Hot on the heels of other reporters with amusingly appropriate names come Andrew Seaman — those Frenchmen should, er, pull the finger out — and Steve Rosenberg reporting on a case of double agency.

On a similar note, China's Sin Chew Daily reports on some sinful chewing.

We also salute Scott Wiener's support for nakedly appropriate amusement. On the subject of local government, I was recently in touch with Gordon Bennett, Glasgow City Council's community inspector for Maryhill. It can often be hard to tell whether he's submitting a report or merely adding his signature.

You might also remember recruitment consultant Yvonne Filler from a previous entry. LinkedIn now informs me she has retrained as a sex therapist, so hers is the AAN that keeps on giving.

Finally, I've no idea whether this guy's name is appropriate, but it is amusing and I promised my dad I'd add it.

That's all for now, but from now on why not keep up to date with hilarious AANs on Twitter!