Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Fun run

Afternoon all.  The World Cup, Olympics and Commonwealth Games are just round the corner, and no matter who you're supporting - whether it's England, for instance, or whoever's playing England - we're sure you'll enjoy our sporting selection of amusingly and appropriately named sportsmen, sportswomen and one sportsman/woman!  Thus:

Baseline botherer Anna Smashnova,

Fast fellow Usain Bolt,

His countrymen Daren Ganga and Floyd Reifer (thanks to Mr A. Lightbulb McNeill of Leith for spotting that one),

Even faster fellow Scott Speed,

Germany's car-racing bachelor Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis,

Breast cancer moonwalker Kate Bosomworth,

And who could forget poor old Caster Semenya.

Not us.  Finally, Christian Cull would no doubt have done a superb job, had he been around 2000 years ago, of organising Rome's own Saturday afternoon diversions.

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