Monday, 20 December 2010

HeavAANs above

What ho.  Without further ado, here are some amusingly appropriate names your ever-watchful-for-amusingly-appropriate-names correspondents have uncovered of late...

Politics is back in the news, so we begin with Tory budget slasher Kay Cutts,

Not to mention her pie-eyed comrade Mark Reckless,

Expert in non-verbal communication, the late Prof. R.L. Birdwhistell,

BP VP Ken "how'd you plug these oil" Wells,

Judge Price recently had cause to ask: "how much?"

Nuclear engineer Sue Ion,

Hot on her heels, theoretical astrophysicist Alan Heavens,

And journalist and non-observer of embargoes Jonathan Leake (doubly appropriate that one, as the story was about menstruation).

While we're on the subject of journalists, Samira Shackle wrote about child detention.

And here's a quango that has met an amusingly appropriate end:

"Chief Coroner of England and Wales/Chief Coroner’s Office (1 body)
No longer a statutory body - Abolish body and function."

The Chief Coroner is now 1 dead body.  Speaking of which, if you thought Philip Pagano died an amusingly appropriate death, Jimi Heselden didn't do a bad job of leaving the world feet-first either.

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